Monday, 20 October 2014

A Bad Hand, Folding: A Live Rehearsal
Featuring versions by:
Paul Becker & Francesco Pedraglio/Faye Green & Beth Ramsay/Giles Bailey
Music by Dawn Bothwell.

Culture Lab (Rooms 4/5)
King's Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne


Thursday, 11 September 2014

DR SINCLAIR’S DRAWER - Flat Time House - 8 October

‘ … It was a stationery drawer, but his guesswork had been almost entirely wrong. The imagined list of objects, a moment ago an array of potent presences in the room, instantaneously dematerialised as mere conjecture. Dr Sinclair silently replaced the items, slid the drawer back in, then moved the desk against the wall. He surmised that the drawer had a peculiarly clandestine way of being; suspended within a meta-structure, like a deeply nested fiction, it was inclined to partially conceal itself within another object. He concluded that his initial assessment of the drawer’s suspicious character had been entirely correct.’ 
from The Fabricator’s Tale by Katrina Palmer, Book Works, London 2014

Dr. Sinclair’s Drawer is an exhibition produced by Book Works and Flat Time House with artist Katrina Palmer, following her residency at Flat Time House in Summer 2013. Featuring work by Katrina Palmer, Francesco Pedraglio, Samuel Hasler and Sarah Tripp, the exhibition comprises writing, sound recordings, video, sculpture and printed matter, presented in conversation with the physical and symbolic environment of John Latham’s former home and studio.

The Fabricator’s Tale, Katrina Palmer’s second book to be published with Book Works and partly written at Flat Time House, will be launched at the opening of Dr. Sinclair’s Drawer on Wednesday 8 October.

In addition to the exhibition, Book Works and Flat Time House in collaboration with the Hayward Gallery present an evening of readings and performance by Katrina Palmer, Samuel Hasler, Francesco Pedraglio and Sarah Tripp on Saturday 15 November at 5pm at the Hayward Gallery Project Space, Southbank Centre. Further details to be announced.

Saturday, 19 July 2014


Please join us for a summer drink to celebrate the launch of Francesco Pedraglio’s A man in a room spray-painting a fly… (or at least trying to…).
The evening features a choreographed reading by the people that, practically or conceptually, made the book possible, including Paul Becker, Tania Perez Cordova, James Langdon, the Book Works team and Francesco himself.

A man in a room spray-painting a fly… (or at least trying to…) presents the possibility of a story within numerous other possible stories, each one marked by diversion, interruption and red herring. Concerned with the correlation between objects and writing, as well as the relationship between spoken word and written, this dark, absurd and often funny story, uses the corpse of narrative fiction as a character, whose repeated deaths generate the conditions for new starts, and differing scenarios.

To purchase this title please VISIT THE BOOK WORKS WEBSITE
For press information please contact: Paul Sammut, 020 7247 2203, or

Monday, 7 July 2014

SCENE ON A NAVIGABLE RIVER Live from Dedham Vale 9th - 15th July 2014

Broadcasts from:
Adam Chodzko & Gretchen Egolf Beth Collar Ben Judd Rory Macbeth Florence Peake | Paul Becker & Francesco Pedraglio | Way Through | Ian Whittlesea

Field Broadcast have commissioned eight artists to create new works for broadcast from Dedham Vale, location of many of Constable's paintings including The Hay Wain and Flatford Mill (Scene on a Navigable River).  Lying somewhere between the real and the imagined in the carefully conserved, chocolate box, ‘heritage landscape’ of Flatford Mill and the surrounding area, Scene from a Navigable River forms a fragmented topology of an iconic landscape, exploring both the physical setting and its representation.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Between sardines and the definition of the colour orange - artist talk - Gowlett Peaks - Wednesday 18 June - 7 to 9

Please join us for a talk by artist Francesco Pedraglio who will discuss references for his work in general and in particular his new publication A man in a room spray-painting a fly… (or at least trying to). Due to be published by Book Works in July, the book began life as a collection of short stories and subsequently became a layered novel that presents the possibility of a story within numerous other possible stories, each one marked by diversion, interruption and red herring.  

Francesco Pedraglio is an artist, writer and co-founder of FormContent art-space.

The Gowlett Arms
62 Gowlett Road
London, SE15 4HY

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Cadavere Quotidiano - BOOK LAUNCH - Wednesday 21 May - from 6.30 to 11

WHAT: Cadavere Quotidiano book launch!!!

WHERE: The Duke, 7 Roger St. London WC1N 2PB

WHEN: Wednesday 21 May (next week!), from 6.30 to 11

ALSO: we'll have some great (short!) readings during the evening by some of the contributors!


Cadavere Quotidiano
A daily mourning
A confined stretch of time.
A month.
Everyday a different corpse, a daily cadaver.
Un cadavere quotidiano.
An otiosity. A redundant belief system. A useless limb.
A dead person.
The ultimate abstraction… a subtraction.
So many writers to produce so many texts:
obituaries, elegies, eulogies, epitaphs for the daily demised
for expirations, cessations, disappearances, beheadings
and defenestrations of ideas, emotions, objects, images and movements.

Conceived by Paul BeckerAlex Cecchetti and Francesco Pedraglio, Cadavere Quotidiano is structured as a straight anthology of writers and artists preoccupied with the lumbering nature of the object and its relation to the written word.

With: Ed Atkins, Becky Beasley, Paul Becker, Matthieu Bulte, Alex Cecchetti, Arjuna Cecchetti, Simone Ciclitira, M Dean, Tim Etchells, Johannes Fa, Melissa Gordon, Alex Graves, Bruce Hainley, Nadia Hebson, Fiona Jardine, Allison Katz, Valentinas Klimasauskas, Jesper List Thomsen, Shana Lutker, Nicholas Matranga, Katrina Palmer, Sion Parkinson, Francesco Pedraglio, Heather Phillipson, Kit Poulson, Chris Sharp, David Steans, Joanne Tatham, Luke Williams, Jonas Zakaitis

Edited by Shana Lutker

Published by Project X Foundation for Art & Criticism

Saturday, 17 May 2014