Monday, 28 November 2011

Katrina Palmer presents dubious objects and made-up texts, readings and performances - Transmission Gallery - Glasgow

06 December - 10 December 2011

3rd December 7 – 8pm

FRANCESCO PEDRAGLIO performs a discursive tale with an abstract object


10th December 7 – 8pm

KATRINA PALMER reads a very short story

JEFFORD HORRIGAN performs plus special guest Parisian musician René Salemi

STEWART HOME recites while standing on his head

Claire Makhlouf Carter generates performances that take place within art openings, artist talks and galleries. Sometimes Berber Carpet is rolled out as if a stage and subsequently unpicked by a team of carpet pickers. Carter has hired other temporary workers as part of her performances including a sniffer dog, two mercenaries, a make-up artist cum cloakroom attendant, a psychiatric nurse and a tombola man. Carter’s recently shown work includes DEMO WALWORTH ROAD The Hole London; DAY TRIP TO St LEONARDS-ON-SEA The Lido St Leonards- on-Sea and Art Monthly; Performance Nights at The Barbican Gallery London; Seven Day Weekend, Beaux Arts de Paris andSinpodium The Museum of English Rural Life. Carter’s performances in art school seminar rooms include the Royal College of Art, Kingston University and Chelsea School of Art.

Stewart Home has been a cultural activist since the late-1970s – starting with punk bands and fanzines and moving on to gallery exhibitions, live art and commercial publication in the 1980s and beyond. He is the author of thirteen published novels, one collection of short stories, six works of non-fiction and the editor of various anthologies. His most recent solo exhibition was Again A Time Machine at White Columns in New York (October/November 2011). His last novel was Blood Rites of the Bourgeoisie (Book Works, London 2010).

Invariably Jefford Horrigan makes performances with furniture, lamps and other household objects. Moving and placing them until they become a different entity, half dreamt and half observed, often devoid of common sense but answerable to its own intrinsic logic. Most recent performances, installations, exhibitions and screenings include Out of the Corner of The Eye at the James Taylor Gallery London, Makura at White Deer Projects London and The Table for Portrait of Space at Clonlea Studios, Dublin in 2011. Forrella (Rella - Michael Curran/ Lucy Gunning) at Beaconsfield, London, La Folia for Preludes and Nocturnes (Laura Wilson) New Dalston Library London in 2010 and The Dissolve for the Clockwork Gallery Berlin and THE DRESSER (Talk Show/ Speakeasy) Institute of Contemporary Art London in 2009. The Four Stages of Cruelty Tate Britain London and Past Lives (Body Parts III) Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh 2007.

Katrina Palmer is an artist and writer. Palmer’s texts feature objects in the imagination and amidst the paranoia and the social/sexual dynamics of art and its spaces. Ordinary things appear alongside discourse and sculpture (the subject in language and the object in action). The work is disseminated through publications, performances and readings. Her book, The Dark Object was published by Book Works 2010. Other work includes:mmmm a CD at Art House Foundation, London 2011; Relief in the Modern British Sculpture catalogue, Royal Academy, London 2011. Live readings include: Head in 3 parts at Hole, London 2011; Under The Desk at Again A Time Machine, Motto, Berlin 2011; Tutorial at These Silences Writing Festival, Summerhall, Edinburgh 2011; Chair-Bed at Volatile Dispersal: Festival of Art Writing, Whitechapel Gallery, London 2009.

Francesco Pedraglio is an artist, writer and co-founder of FormContent project space. Through short-stories, performances and installations, his work reflects on the mechanics of storytelling. Writing directly in a foreign language, he focuses on straight narratives facing the problematic of ‘making sense’ while delivering a story to an audience. He has been performing a.o. at Auto Italia South East, The National Portrait Gallery, ICA, Wysing Arts Centre, Hollybush Gardens. Next to FormContent's activity, he has been curating numerous exhibitions a.o. 'Session_15' (BolteLang, Zurich) 'The Responsive Subject' (Mu.Zee, Ostend), 'Through Body and Text' (La Galerie, Paris) and 'The Young People...' (GAM, Turin). He is editor of the fanzine 'The Mock and other superstitions' and Book Works guest-editor with the project Time Machine.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

An action, event or other thing that occurs or happens again - One Thoresby Street, Trade Gallery & Bonington Gallery, Nottingham - 11 Nov 23 Dec

An action, event or other thing that occurs or happens again

11 November - 23 December 2011


An action, event or other thing that occurs or happens again looks at repetition as a tool for the manipulation and control of the masses, thinking about the relationship between repetition, sound and the image; how sound activates text and how the repetition of words, images and actions can create a sense of familiarity or a relationship with something.

Thinking of the television as a sound, image and text provider through its programming and advertising, and advertising and marketing as the manipulation of these subjects; repetition and repetitive techniques are employed to create structures and narratives that are key elements to the success of many sitcoms, TV programmes and magazines. This type of marketing strategy is able to draw in an audience and keep them there, transfixed.

Repetition is also a key element of many music genres; techno, trance, pop, electronica, drum & bass, house; is there a similar formal structure or strategy in place here? An established structure that has the power to control its audience?

This exhibition uses selected artworks, situations and conversations to understand some of these thoughts and ideas by providing a structure where the viewer is free to make their own connections between the works and the ideas within the project.

Trade Gallery have been working in collaboration with artist and producer of this project, Candice Jacobs to develop an exhibition within an exhibition alongside the main gallery at One Thoresby Street. Trade will be screening Perfect Lives by Robert Ashley.

Ashley is a distinguished figure in American contemporary music working in new forms of opera and multi-disciplinary projects. His recorded works are acknowledged classics of language in a musical setting and are distinctly original in style, subject matter and use of language. Co- produced with Channel Four, in August 1983, Ashley’s opera for television is widely considered to be the pre-cursor of "music-television."

This project has been financially supported by the kind generosity of the Arts Council England

Monday, 3 October 2011

Auto Italia LIVE Episode 2: Cosmosis

Auto Italia LIVE Episode 2: Cosmosis
With Andrew Kerton, Eddie Peake, Francesco Pedraglio and Heather Phillipson
Featuring Sam Belinfante, Naomi Belshaw, Georgiana Cavendish, Sarah Mujinya, Lizzie Sells, Rosanna Ter-Berg, Roberta Vaz, Helena Webb, Matthew Welch, Jess Wiesner, Thais Wizenberg, Molly Wright
The series can be watched as part of the live studio audience or via the website

Monday, 26 September 2011



Open from 7pm: Broadcast LIVE at 8pm

This Saturday 1st October

Andrew Kerton
Eddie Peake
Francesco Pedraglio
Heather Phillipson

Sam Belinfante, Naomi Belshaw, Georgiana Cavendish, Lizzie Sells, Rosanna Ter-Berg, Roberta Vaz, Helena Webb, Matthew Welch, Jess Wiesner, Thais Wizenberg, Molly Wright,

The series can be watched as part of the live studio audience or via the website

Doors will close promptly at 7:45pm

Catch up on Episode 1: Talking Objects in Space HERE.

Auto Italia South East presents Auto Italia Live: an artist-run TV series, performed before a studio audience and broadcast live over the Internet. Working in collaboration with Auto Italia a wide variety of artists will produce new work through weekly episodes, engaging directly with the format of live Television and a history of artists using broadcast media platforms to distribute work.

Featuring a full camera crew, lighting technicians, directors, performers, production designers and set builders, artists will engage with all aspects of production opening the space for criticality and intervention within the medium. The series aims to experiment with new possibilities to engage in contemporary broadcast and internet culture whilst also responding to the familiar tropes and formulas within television programming.

The apparatus of TV and the technical infrastructure will allow for dialogue and exchange with images, actions, performances and experiences. Covering ideas of ‘edutainment’, to permacultures and ecology that surround the idea of live television the project will engage with how live TV has changed our understanding of culture and public space. Each episode will investigate a range of approaches exploring the expanded notion of the televised live performance, the live soap opera and factual, documentary presentation, through the choreography inherent in both performance and camera movements, and the narrative implicit in the existence of objects within a set.

The studio space will be open to the public both for the weekly broadcasts and also at specific times during rehearsals in the preceding weeks. The whole process of the live broadcast and production will be made public, engaging with audiences in the space and tuning in online. In an ever increasing landscape of broadcast media and ‘accessible’ web platforms this project aims to emerge within pre-existing web communities allowing artists to make and distribute new work and create new contexts and audiences around their ideas.

Produced collaboratively by artists, Auto Italia LIVE aims to reclaim a space within the television format that has increasingly lost its experimental aspect. The project will draw from figures including Nam June Paik that dealt with the risk taking inherent in live TV, Warhol TV bringing a community of artists together and Jef Cornelis in terms of his pioneering productions for Belgium Television in particular shows such as Container. Questioning the demise of risk taking in mainstream cultural programming within the history of British Television, the project aims to provoke discussion and challenge how artists might work together to create new work, examining how dialogues are negotiated and tested within this unique context.

Bound up within the collaborative approach to working and new technological developments, issues of copyright and collective authorship will be examined. New documents will be compiled that will represent the best practice for commissioning on Digital Media platforms, in ways that benefit the artists over the distributer. These will reflect the possibility of artists working together, producing work independently from the demands of the gallery or a standard art context.

Participating Artists

Nathan Budzinski, Benedict Drew, Francesco Pedraglio, Heather Phillipson, Eddie Peake, Andrew Kerton, Leslie Kulesh, Rachel Pimm, Lorenzo Tebano, Robert Carter, Benedictions (Patricia Lennox-Boyd and Jamie Stevens featuring Jeremy Glogan, Steve Kado and Morag Keil)

In collaboration with: Theo Cook, Georgio Bosisio, Sonia Rodriguez Serrano, Alex Lightman, Mc Death, George Moustakas, Luke Collins, Robin Stuart, Amy Friend, Ciara Halpin, Mette Juhl, Radiance Audio, Matt Welch, Nicola Sersale.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Steam Society - Istambul - Sept 15th 2011

Steam Society is a banquette of all sorts, offering a purification hub for ideas and intimacies to all of its initiates. The first edition takes place at the Historical Galatasaray Hammam (b.1481) at the time of 12. Istanbul Biennial.


Ayla Algan, Julieta Aranda, Özgür Erkök, Mehmet Erdem&Co., Esra Ersen, Juan Gaitán, Adam Kleinman, Darius Mikšys, Francesco Pedraglio, Güneş Terkol, Elif Uras, Bedwyr Williams, Pınar Yolaçan, sarp yilmaz, and many other exceptional guests!


Defne Ayas & Aslı Çavuşolu

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Public School 'Performance Art Today' - Freestate, Ostend (BE), 3 September 2011

Francesco Pedraglio (UK), Hedwig Houben (NL), Sébastien Rien (B), Sofie Haesaerts (B), Dennis Tyfus (B)

In the context of Freestate curator Laurence Dujardyn proposes a Public School class on the status of performance in art today. It is striking that the use of performance and intervention as media often works liberating and that artists use these as a way to break existing categories and systems. As such the history of performance can be seen as a series of waves, related to the periods when art and to extension society wanted to reinvent itself. Many works produced by artists at present witness such a refusal against categorisation, while taking on a position between self-questioning and a sense of responsibility.

Starting at 2pm, the day will consist out of several performances and interventions by artists living in Belgium and abroad, followed by a concluding discussion with all the participants. Throughout the day a Sculptural workshop for foodies will be conducted by Sofie Haesaerts(to participate please subscribe at , the results of which will be cooked and served in a communal BBQ dinner starting from 6.30 pm. Following onto that more than 20 bands will be playing a 12 hours FEVER-covermarathon in an old barge next to the warehouse, organized by Ültra Eczema/ Dennis Tyfus.

More info at

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Caribic Residency N33 - Lisbon


"[...] So, let’s say that he was. He was, and now he isn’t any longer. This could be it! A start and an end point. Circular. Balanced. Stable. Meaningful in its simplicity. Actually…no! Better. Let’s say that it was a she. So, she was. She was, and now she isn’t any more. Don’t get distracted by such triviality though. It was – it was a she – and now it isn’t...that’s it. This being certainly one of our character’s primary features, it will not be the oddest yet. Far from it, actually. A body as inanimate as all the imaginable items surrounding it, as a stick or a rock, as a chair, a tin can, a vase, an ashtray, a coat-hanger or anything of that sort. All valuable scenarios, all at the same time. Imaginable at the same time. A cacophony of scenarios. A cluster. Incrusted. The character has been there before.She is there again, now, dropped somewhere – a table, a floor, a bathtub, a staircase, a bed, an armchair – cold, motionless, an object awaiting for the story to evolve, to begin or end, which, at this point – at the point reached by our protagonist, item in the midst of other items – is somehow the same."

Terça, 23 Agosto, 15-18h / Quarta, 24 Agosto, 15-18h & 21h-23h

Rua Diogo Do Couto, 5a

1100-195 Lisboa

Monday, 25 July 2011

'Detour of the Lot' - Francesco Pedraglio and Laure Prouvost at V22

Francesco Pedraglio and Laure Prouvost present:
Detour of the Lot
1945 2011
b&w colour
In flashback, New York nightclub pianist Al hitchhikes to Hollywood (place doesn't matter, time neither) to join his girl Sue. But on a rainy night (forget the hole), fate forced a Detour to revelry, violence and mystery (panic and confusion...few windows were smashed, a couple of trucks set on fire)!
Al takes another man's identity (I'm reporting here...I never actually found anything valuable out there). Thanks to Vera, a blackmailing dame, all of his moves plunge him deeper into trouble...
(We follow the procedure and the procedure is the same for everyone, no exception made: you shut up and dig!)
Wednesday 28th July, from 7pm
V22 Workspace
F-Block The Biscuit Factory
100 Clements Rd
London SE16 4DG

Friday, 15 July 2011

A clock that runs on mud - an online exhibition curated by Jennifer Teets for NERO


an online exhibition curated by Jennifer Teets for NERO

With 'muddy time' contributions by:

Mark Aerial Waller, 
Aslı Çavuşoğlu/Burak Arıkan
, Vava Dudu
, FRANCE FICTION (Marie Bonnet, Stéphane Argillet, Eric Camus, Lorenzo Cirrincione and Nicolas Nakamoto)
, Valentinas Klimašauskas, 
Darius Mikšys
, Morten Norbye Halvorsen
, Francesco Pedraglio
, PERENNIAL (Arnaud Hendrickx, Michael Van den Abeele, Richard Venlet)
, Tania Pérez Córdova, 
Michael Portnoy
, Mateusz Sadowski
, Carson Salter
, Fatoş Üstek/Per Hüttner

Jennifer Teets's exhibition is now online. You can visit the show HERE

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Imaginary Artists - Henry Moore Institute - 13 July

Imaginary Artists

Talks Series 
6th July 2011 - 20th July 2011 - 
Henry Moore Institute

This series of talks throughout July has been programmed to accompany the current Institute exhibition 'Savage Messiah: The Creation of Henri-Gaudier Brzeska' (Gallery 4 to 31 July) which looks at the ways in which the life and work of this twentieth-century sculptor was constructed through biographical narratives and, in turn, through film.

Wednesday 13 July: Francesco Pedraglio

A few stories in the shape of abstract objects

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Performance as Publishing - South London Gallery - Wednesday 6 July - 7 to 10

This festival across a number of spaces in the SLG investigates the shifting relations between performance practice and discourse, events and writing, exploring the work of artists who use existing text as the base for their performance. Includes Fiona Banner, Nicole Bachmann, Ruth Beale, Eleanor Vonne Brown, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Emma Kay, Jenny Moore, Francesco Pedraglio and Heather Phillipson.

7pm - Emma Kay

7.30pm - Francesco Pedraglio

8pm - Nicole Bachmann, Clore Studio

8.30pm - Heather Phillipson, Clore Studio

9pm - Jenny Moore, Clore Studio

9.30pm - Ruth Beale

7-10pm - Works and installations by Fiona Banner, Daniel Gustav Cramer and Eleanor Vonne Brown are on view in the main gallery

Friday, 3 June 2011

Dirty Literature - Tom McCarthy and Francesco Pedraglio

Francesco Pedraglio, Few stories in the shape of abstract objects (Display), London 2011

Tom McCarthy and Francesco Pedraglio

Thursday 16 June, 7 PM

National Portrait Gallery, St Martin's Place, London WC2H 0HE

The event is free but booking is essential, please email
to reserve a place.

On Thursday 16 June Electra continues Dirty Literature - a series of spoken portraits by artists and writers exploring the moment when language threatens (or promises) to become illegible. Francesco Pedraglio's A few stories in the shape of abstract objects is a performative lecture and plotted treasure hunt mapping abstract objects, ideal language and the memories that accumulate around them. The performance will be followed by Tom McCarthy's readings and reflections on his recent novel C, pursuing the breakdown of narrative coherence within modernity and the possibilities that might emerge from such a collapse.

Disobedient Words: A User's Manual, the reader accompanying the Dirty Literature series which brings together specifically commissioned contributions by Samuel Dowd, Tim Etchells, Will Holder, Karl Holmqvist, Tom McCarthy, Francesco Pedraglio, Sue Tompkins and Tony White will be available free of charge on the evening.

Francesco Pedraglio
A few stories in the shape of abstract objects is a performance based on suppositions and rumours, a narration that uses invisibility and abstraction as red threads to make sense of a number of seemingly chaotic clues. Turning to the help of an Egyptian man and his French alter-ego, a rock, an arrow, a hole in the ground and a stomach filled with earth, Pedraglio will attempt to demonstrate the existence of non-experiential memories and their link with the production of abstract objects.

Tom McCarthy
C is flooded with signals. The novel follows the short, intense life of Serge Carrefax, a man who - as his name suggests - surges into the electric modernity of the early twentieth century, transfixed by the technologies that will obliterate him. Affiliated with the abstract language of technical codes and networks, C brings into play questions of systems of transfer and the abstraction of mediated communication. Reading and reflecting on passages of C, McCarthy will expand on the absence and loss of narrative coherence in the three-way relationship between language, technology and subjectivity.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Young London - V22 - 28 May from 6 to 8

Laure Prouvost and Francesco Pedraglio, Faces, such long white faces (again), Billboard and movable signs, London 2011

PV 28 May 2011 from 6 to 8pm / U

ntil 30 July 2011


Thorbjørn Andersen, Ed Atkins, Vanessa Billy, Steve Bishop, Alice Channer, Kim Coleman & Jenny Hogarth, David Raymond Conroy, Michael Dean, Tomas Downes, Jason Dungan, Lydia Gifford, Anthea Hamilton, Gabriel Hartley, George Henry Longly, Ian Homerston, Claire Hooper, Ian Law, Marie Lund, Stuart Middleton, Gorka Mohamed, Laura Morrison, Eddie Peake, Laure Prouvost & Francesco Pedraglio, Magali Reus, Damien Roach, Lewis Ronald, Gino Saccone, Matthew Smith, Maria Taniguchi, Adam Thompson, Cara Tolmie, Jack Vickridge, Alex Virji, Yonatan Vinitsky


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A Dying Artist - ICA - 22/23 April 2011

Francesco Pedraglio, A Stomach, reading and video, ICA April 2011

Performances, round table discussions, readings, music and screenings exploring materiality, corporeality, death and dying bodies in art. This event has been organised in collaboration between the ICA and artists Ed Atkins and Siôn Parkinson.

Good Friday: Illness - 22 April 2011
Brian Dillon
Bonnie Camplin
Dominic Fox
David Toop
Matthew Barney
Dennis Potter


Ed Atkins
Heather Phillipson

Francesco Pedraglio

Stewart Home
John Cussans
Siôn Parkinson

Holy Saturday: Death - 23 April 2011
Steven Connor
Simon Martin & Ed Atkins
David Raymond Conroy
Laure Prouvost
John Russell
Regina Jose Gallindo
Griselda Pollock

Michael Dean
Stan Brakhage
Ed Atkins & Siôn Parkinson
Old Apparatus

The Department of Wrong Answers - Wysing Arts Centre

Laure Prouvost and Francesco Pedraglio, We all know, Sign, 2011
Laure Prouvost and Francesco Pedraglio, The Lot, Video installation, 2011
Laure Prouvost and Francesco Pedraglio, None is in the department for passion, Billboard, 2011

Laure Prouvost and Francesco Pedraglio, There is nothing to see..., Sign, 2011

Saturday 2 April, from 6-8pm, sees the launch of The Department of Wrong Answers’ gallery presentation. In response to their six week residency within the Department, at Wysing, artists
Laure Prouvost & Francesco Pedraglio have written a short story which is presented in the gallery through a new film and publication, and around Wysing’s site through a series of billboards and an installation in our recycled building Amphis (re-named Jody’s bar). Rob Filby’s series of Mood Boards and sculptural counterparts will be interpreted live (2 April) by Lorna Higgins, an interior designer based in the nearby village of Cambourne. Cally Spooner’s new filmed monologue performs the crisis of acting out-loud, achieving excellence, and finding something useful to say in public. On Sunday 17 April she will rehearse a new theatre performance live at Wysing. Giles Roundhas made a series of new sculptural works and furniture which will be exhibited in Wysing’s gallery throughout the presentation. The Department will close with a dinner hosted by Round on Sunday 17 April.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

DIRTY LITERATURE - National Portrait Gallery


Samuel Dowd, Tim Etchells, Will Holder, Karl Holmqvist, Tom McCarthy, Francesco Pedraglio, Sue Tompkins, Tony White.

Curated by Fatima Hellberg (Electra)

Ondaatje Wing Theatre, National Portrait Gallery
17th March - 16th June 2011

All events are free, but booking is essential:

From performative lectures that roam across fact and fabrication to genre-defying plays with storytelling, Dirty Literature brings together artists and writers exploring the boundaries of narrative. Here the characters in the National Portrait Gallery collection form a rich cast, portrayed yet again with the use of the spoken word. In the evocation of a person, a presence, the participating artists turn to an array of references and materials - a form of contaminated literature, unfolding at the edges of coherence. Ephemeral like a rumour, mobile like gossip this is a form of biography that escapes the weight and permanence of the published word and the painted figure alike, a real time portrait.

The series will be accompanied by a publication which brings together new contributions by the participating artists, an essay by curator Fatima Hellberg reflecting on language and latency, alongside work from the
Tactile Poetry series by pioneering Austrian artist Josef Bauer.

Tim Etchells and Tony White
Thursday 17th March, 7:30PM

In a new text-performance for the National Portrait Gallery Tim Etchells builds and dissolves stories, worlds and pictures in language, working with rules, games and strategies unfolding at the edge of narrative coherence. Etchells draws on text material from catalogue essays and critical responses to works in the collection whilst also invoking the more familiar landscapes from his work through dystopian urban adventures, science fiction and distorted fairytales. The performance will be followed by a contribution by Tony White, the author of novels including
Foxy-T (Faber and Faber), described by writer Toby Litt as, 'one of the best London novels you'll ever get to read.' For Dirty Literature, White will read from works of fiction that respond to the National Portrait Gallery's location, as well as his satirical 1999 novel about an alienated police force who seem locked in to a cycle of violence and prurient self-justification: Charlieunclenorfolktango.

Samuel Dowd and Sue Tompkins
Thursday 14th April, 7PM

Sue Tompkins' performances unfold as a stream of consciousness, moving from personal reflections to quotations from multiple, and at times conflicting areas of life. Tompkins' new performance
Hallo Welcome To Keith Street will be followed by Samuel Dowd's ambitious collaborative piece, Aphrodite's Left Turn. Realised together with four other writers, this performed screenplay evokes a forgotten moment in the life of architect and artist Frederick Kiesler (1890-1965).

Writers and readers:
Rebecca Bligh: The Young Man (Edwin Denby)
Ben Cain: Aphrodite (Elisa Landi)
NaoKo TakaHashi: The Cat ('sing-sing' the cat)
Isabel Waidner: The Choir Boy (John Latouche)

Karl Holmqvist and Will Holder
Thursday 12th May, 7PM

If one takes the act of portraiture as heresy, then surely any visit to The National Portrait Gallery must be thought to bring one to the heart of the scene of the crime. Swedish artist Karl Holmqvist's work deals with the relation between language and image, figuration and abstraction - relationships he has explored over the last twenty years. For the specifically commissioned artist's talk, 'Change Your Face' he will elaborate on his mostly language-based visual arts practice, and how elements such as repetition and rhythm in language may bring us closer to concerns more often thought of in relation to images. The event will be followed by a new work by Will Holder. Will Holder makes publications, using conversation as a model for production and documentation. He approaches language as a ready-made, reproducing existing texts to emphasise the construction and negotiation of meaning. On May 12th, in the Ondaatje Wing Theatre, Holder continues a series of publications dedicated to single mothers. Previous readings have complicated Adam Pendleton's "Black Dada" and Alice Notley's "Dr. Williams' Heiresses", in favour of an intensified reception of the gendered subject positioned in them.

Francesco Pedraglio and Tom McCarthy
Thursday June 16th, 7PM

Francesco Pedraglio writes short stories that look at words as physical bodies inhabiting spaces that extend beyond the parameters of the page. Writing directly in a foreign language (English), he focuses his texts on straight narratives, facing frontally the basic problematics of delivering a story to an audience. On this line he will present a short story based on the idea of abstract objects and fictional characters. 'Few small stories in the shape of abstract objects' will be followed by a reading by Tom McCarthy, writer, co-founder of the semi-fictitious organisation International Necronautical Society and recently shortlisted for the 2010 Man Booker Prize for his novel
C. The readings of selected passages of Cwill reflect on the breakdown of narrative and coherence within modernity and the possibilities that might emerge, phoenix-like from such a collapse.