Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A Dying Artist - ICA - 22/23 April 2011

Francesco Pedraglio, A Stomach, reading and video, ICA April 2011

Performances, round table discussions, readings, music and screenings exploring materiality, corporeality, death and dying bodies in art. This event has been organised in collaboration between the ICA and artists Ed Atkins and Siôn Parkinson.

Good Friday: Illness - 22 April 2011
Brian Dillon
Bonnie Camplin
Dominic Fox
David Toop
Matthew Barney
Dennis Potter


Ed Atkins
Heather Phillipson

Francesco Pedraglio

Stewart Home
John Cussans
Siôn Parkinson

Holy Saturday: Death - 23 April 2011
Steven Connor
Simon Martin & Ed Atkins
David Raymond Conroy
Laure Prouvost
John Russell
Regina Jose Gallindo
Griselda Pollock

Michael Dean
Stan Brakhage
Ed Atkins & Siôn Parkinson
Old Apparatus

The Department of Wrong Answers - Wysing Arts Centre

Laure Prouvost and Francesco Pedraglio, We all know, Sign, 2011
Laure Prouvost and Francesco Pedraglio, The Lot, Video installation, 2011
Laure Prouvost and Francesco Pedraglio, None is in the department for passion, Billboard, 2011

Laure Prouvost and Francesco Pedraglio, There is nothing to see..., Sign, 2011

Saturday 2 April, from 6-8pm, sees the launch of The Department of Wrong Answers’ gallery presentation. In response to their six week residency within the Department, at Wysing, artists
Laure Prouvost & Francesco Pedraglio have written a short story which is presented in the gallery through a new film and publication, and around Wysing’s site through a series of billboards and an installation in our recycled building Amphis (re-named Jody’s bar). Rob Filby’s series of Mood Boards and sculptural counterparts will be interpreted live (2 April) by Lorna Higgins, an interior designer based in the nearby village of Cambourne. Cally Spooner’s new filmed monologue performs the crisis of acting out-loud, achieving excellence, and finding something useful to say in public. On Sunday 17 April she will rehearse a new theatre performance live at Wysing. Giles Roundhas made a series of new sculptural works and furniture which will be exhibited in Wysing’s gallery throughout the presentation. The Department will close with a dinner hosted by Round on Sunday 17 April.