Friday, 23 October 2015

The Place of the Scene - @ new 'Bloc Project' space - Sheffield

  • Rowena Harris
  • Fay Nicolcon
  • Joanne Masding
  • Francesco Pedraglio
Friday 23 October 2015
Exhibition continues to 21 November 2015.

Bloc Projects look forward to welcoming you to our new gallery space for the preview of The place of the scene, featuring:

- Rowena Harris – Fay Nicolson – Joanne Masding – Francesco Pedraglio -

A special preview event will take place on Friday 23 October 2015, with a new exhibition in the gallery and food, drinks and music in the courtyard.

As the first exhibition in our newly completed space, we are delighted to present The place of the scene, a group exhibition featuring new and existing work by Rowena Harris, Fay Nicolson, Joanne Masding and Francesco Pedraglio.
The exhibition concerns intersections between the physical, mental and digital, exploring the possibility of occupying them simultaneously, and accepting the slippage of fiction between them. Interwoven through the works are suggestions of the body, interruptions and eruptions of sound, fragments of narrative alongside ambiguous materials and architectures. Through works in video, sculpture, painting and print, the show points to the elusive nature of the place and moment of production, and with it a sense of something unfolding, like a gesture within a broader sense of actions.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Nemici: Saturday November 7th 2015 at the Rich Mix Arts Centre - London

Saturday November 7th 2015 at the Rich Mix Arts Centre
An ambitious celebration of contemporary Italian & British poetry and art in London!
The first instalment of the Nemici project will take place in London, and will bring together Italian poets from all over Italy and all over Europe, to work in collaboration, as pairs, with a series of British poets. Each pair will produce original work for the night, in what should be a great testament to the dynamic potential of collaboration alongside the best of the rapidly evolving 21st century Italian literary tradition.
Daniela Cascella & James Wilkes 
Giovanna Coppola & Clover Peake
Alessandro Burbank & SJ Fowler
Christian Patracchini & Richard Skinner
Livia Franchini & Georgia Rodger
Francesco Pedraglio & Paul Becker
Roberto Minardi & John Goodby
Davide Castiglioni & Alex Houen
Francesca Serragnoli & Annabel Banks
Marco Fazzini & Douglas Reid Skinner
Andrea Inglese & tba
& videopoetry from  Ariadne Radi Cor