Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Caribic Residency N33 - Lisbon


"[...] So, let’s say that he was. He was, and now he isn’t any longer. This could be it! A start and an end point. Circular. Balanced. Stable. Meaningful in its simplicity. Actually…no! Better. Let’s say that it was a she. So, she was. She was, and now she isn’t any more. Don’t get distracted by such triviality though. It was – it was a she – and now it isn’t...that’s it. This being certainly one of our character’s primary features, it will not be the oddest yet. Far from it, actually. A body as inanimate as all the imaginable items surrounding it, as a stick or a rock, as a chair, a tin can, a vase, an ashtray, a coat-hanger or anything of that sort. All valuable scenarios, all at the same time. Imaginable at the same time. A cacophony of scenarios. A cluster. Incrusted. The character has been there before.She is there again, now, dropped somewhere – a table, a floor, a bathtub, a staircase, a bed, an armchair – cold, motionless, an object awaiting for the story to evolve, to begin or end, which, at this point – at the point reached by our protagonist, item in the midst of other items – is somehow the same."

Terça, 23 Agosto, 15-18h / Quarta, 24 Agosto, 15-18h & 21h-23h

Rua Diogo Do Couto, 5a

1100-195 Lisboa

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