Saturday, 26 September 2009

'Guided Tours' - 15 to 18 October - Auto Italia South East

Launches Saturday 17th October
9am to 1pm

From 15 - 18 October Auto Italia hosts a temporary programme of performances, events, discussions and presentations from selected on-going projects by emerging artists.

a permanent project for Auto-Italia organised by Katie Guggenheim

Three curators, Bettina Brunner, Kathy Noble and Francesco Pedraglio, present fictional guided tours of Auto-Italia through the medium of writing. The guided tour, an established museological convention, is used here as a means to visit exhibitions that don't exist. The tours will be permanently available to visitors, as three alternatives to the exhibition on show, for as long as Auto-Italia remains at its current location, an old Volkswagen garage which is awaiting demolition.

BETTINA BRUNNER has written a conversation between herself and Dan Graham based on interviews and the artist's writings concerning architecture and space. Bettina is Exhibitions Co- ordinator at the BFI and a regular contributor to Frieze Magazine and Springerin.

KATHY NOBLE has reviewed an imaginary exhibition, addressing authenticity through performance and re-performance. Kathy is a writer and Assistant Curator at Tate Modern.

FRANCESCO PEDRAGLIO will focus on the building itself, imagining possible pasts and futures. Francesco co-founded the curatorial project space FormContent, edits the quarterly fanzine The Mock and other superstitions, and is a London editor for Kaleidoscope.

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