Friday, 13 November 2009

'The Known Unknowns' - 4 hours continues reading at Whitechapel Gallery

The Known Unknowns is a scheduled cycle of continuous readings running parallel to Volatile Dispersal: Festival of Art Writing, an evening organised by Maria Fusco and Book Works at Whitechapel Gallery.
The festival reflects on the materialisation and dematerialisation of art writing through six newly commissioned works by
Adam Chodzko, Ruth Ewan, Babak Ghazi, Beatrice Gibson, Nathaniel Mellors and Gail Pickering.

The aim of
The Known Unknowns is to gather an interesting number of contributors to publicly read extracts or entire sections of their own texts.
The fluidity and the continuity of the act of reading-aloud will unveil a focus on both the singular texts and the whole reading as a unique entity.
This constant balance between singularity and plurality will also produce an interesting tension with the six commissioned intervention happening around the Whitechapel Gallery.

The Known Unknowns

21 November 2009 - Whitechapel Gallery

First Section (6.30-7.30)


- Neil Chapman

- Jeremy Akerman

- Ruth Beale

- Katrina Palmer

- Clare Gasson

- Hilary Koob-Sassen

- Nick Thurston

Second Section (7.45-8.45)

- Laure Prouvost

- Jamie Shovlin

- Reto Pulfer

- Ruth Höflich

- Daniel Rourke

- Sally O’Reilly

Third Section (9-10)

- Anna Barham

- Matt&Ross

- NaoKo TakaHashi

- Brighid Lowe

- antepress

- Stewart Home

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Hilary said...

I shall present a suspicious power-grabbing gesture proposal for a narration strategy, a song, a
'Nudge': parlance for the attempt by the state and civil society to direct humanity's actions, for example: towards an ecological understanding of resources, etc.

A society's meta-narrative strands act as the strategy inflecting individual activity and society's structure-making.
narrativity inflects the material trellis the society builds and thereby
supports/provides footholds to/begets different live garden outcomes incl.humans and things that smell alive as world organs, for example: the market and the web.
Humanity Sings It's Builder's Song Into Trellis.
The Trellis Shapes The Garden.
Strictly a recommendation: a new builder's song in reality
the dirty mommy daddy stirring her constructed external organs up in the diletante soup
No quantum flappdoodle..just stricttly hard biology....and strictly in error.
In 5 minutes.
Hilary Koob-Sassen