Monday, 20 February 2012

As rivers / disappear / the thing, becoming - Cubitt gallery

As rivers / disappear / the thing, becoming
Reading groups in the Dan Cox Library for the unfinished concept of Thingly Time

Each reading group will delve into The Dan Cox Library for the Unfinished Concept of Thingly Time. The first week will explore the river and the flow of time, taking its starting point from a selection of novels found within the Library. From here the reading groups will develop and grow in an exploration of Thingly Time, combining readings and discussion, and each time ending with a short performance. The reading groups have been conceived by Francesco Pedraglio, artist and co-founder of FormContent.

Text selected for discussion and animation will be available in the Library and on our website in the downloads section the week before the reading group.

As rivers
Monday 27 February, 7 – 9 pm
Led by Francesco Pedraglio and artist Paul Becker
The pair will exchange ideas and read passages from the waterways and tributaries found in books within the Library. With lakes, islands, streams and storms, through dreams, spit, vomit and piss, with teardrops, bridges, floods and corpses, they will open up to a general discussion on the nature of flow, erasure and time.
The night will end with a reading by artist Katrina Palmer.

Wednesday 7 March, 7 – 9 pm
Led by artist David Raymond Conroy and writer Gil Leung
This evening will consider ideas within the library that help us perceive the residue of absence and will include a few acoustic songs by the Grubby Mitts.

the thing, becoming
Wednesday 14 March, 7 – 9 pm
Led by artist Ed Atkins and Andy Holden
The final week will make an investigation into Thinglyness, ending with a performance by Heather Phillipson.

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