Sunday, 25 March 2012

Word of Mouth

Francesco Pedraglio, Things are going just fine..., London 2012

Holly Pester (9-11 March, live performance on Saturday 10 March, 2pm)
Ruth Barker (16-18 March, live performance on Saturday 17 March, 12pm - 6pm)
Stella Capes (23-25 March, video installation throughout the weekend)
Francesco Pedraglio (30 March-1 April, live on Friday 30 March, 8pm)
SiƓn Parkinson (13-15 April, live performance TBC)

Curated by Rose Lejeune

Word of Mouth brings together five artists who use the voice as a medium to produce and deliver their work.

Featuring live and recorded performance, song, poetry, text, sound and noise, video, and installation, Word of Mouth uses the intimacy of Cartel to explore the voice as an instrument and organ:– a personal and bodily medium, a tool for transmission or a material with sculptural and physical manifestations.

Word of Mouth is an exhibition about speaking, communicating and the possibility of meaning, through the presentation of speech acts. It is also an investigation into vocal potentiality beyond language. The artists in Word of Mouth utilise their voice (or the voice of others) to engender agency, conjure memories or create tension between proximity and distance. For them the voice as a medium can question authorial authority, force a blur between speakers and auditors and operate both as a negotiator of meaning and a primordial raw material that can provoke and lull with alternate force.

Word of Mouth is a group exhibition delivered as a linear progression. The artist’s projects will be delivered as a series of solo presentations over the duration of the exhibition. For their project each artist has been invited to inhabit the space as they wish - through installation and performance – in order for the mode of presentation to best address the complexity of their concerns and their audience. 

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