Tuesday, 26 June 2012

One Hour Long Exhibition - 30th June, 8 - 9 pm at Shanaynay - Paris

One Hour Long Exhibition
with Chosil Kil, Marie Lund and Francesco Pedraglio
30th June, 8 - 9 pm at
76 Rue des Amandies
75020 Paris
M. Menilmontant

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jochen Dehn with Francesco Pedraglio at Wide Open School, Hayward Gallery, 29 June

Jochen Dehn with Francesco Pedraglio
Abstract objects and the ship of Theseus
Friday 29 June, 5.30pm

For this session for Wide Open School, Jochen Dehn collaborates with artist and writer Francesco Pedraglio, whose work has involved suppositions, rumours and superstitions, invisibility and abstraction. When writing and performing, Pedraglio focuses on the practical and conceptual difficulties of storytelling, especially the problem of 'making sense' in English, a language that is not his own. In his short stories words take on a life beyond the printed page, becoming physical bodies in three-dimensional space.

Jochen Dehn's performances often consist of lessons, demonstrations, workshops or experiments, each of which is doomed to partial failure. In a recent series of performances, he reflected on sculpture's value and worth, focusing on five objects, including a hole in the ground and a lump of ashphalt, which he transformed into obstacles inside the gallery. And that was just the beginning of the story! In works such as these obstructions become abstract objects.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Auto Italia Live / Double Dip Concession / 9th June 7pm / ICA London

Book online www.ica.org.uk
9th June 20127pm

Paul Becker, Nathan Budzinski, Benedict Drew, Robert Carter, Andrew Kerton, Leslie Kulesh, Huw Lemmy, o F F Love, Francesco Pedraglio, Lorenzo Tebano, Jess Weisner

Auto Italia LIVE: Double Dip Concession will take the audience through several scenes considering what the phrase ‘unwatchable TV’ might mean today, how objects and movements take on a new dimension in the televisual space and how magic and trickery can be exploited through framing and live editing. The title of this episode reflects the concerns for compromise and cooperation in the production of new collaborative work. However, throughout the episode this idea will be developed and culminate in a realisation expressed by the admission that “I’m sharper, more in focus”.
This project engages directly with contemporary broadcast culture as a space for new work and considers/challenges how physical communities use the Internet to distribute ideas. Reflecting on the opportunities this creates for artists, the episode will use the formal techniques of Live TV – its camera moves, soundtrack, catch phrases and live-editing – in order to create a new space and to raise questions as to what it means to be making Live TV now. It aims to be a proposal for how artists can produce live broadcast work in collaboration and act as a unique place for artists to create their collective context and distribute their work.