Sunday, 31 March 2013

CADAVERE QUOTIDIANO (a daily mourning) - an online project for NERO Magazine

A confined stretch of time.

A week.

Everyday a different corpse, a daily cadaver. Un cadavere quotidiano.
An otiosity. A redundant belief system. A useless limb. A dead person. 
The ultimate abstraction… a subtraction.

So many writers to produce so many texts: obituaries, elegies, eulogies, epitaphs for the daily demised, for expirations, cessations, disappearances, beheadings and defenestrations of ideas, emotions, objects, images and movements.

From Sunday March 31 to Sunday April 7, one text a day.

SUNDAY: Francesco Pedraglio
MONDAY: Katrina Palmer
TUESDAY: Paul Becker
WEDNESDAY: Alex Cecchetti
THURSDAY: Jesper List Thomsen
FRIDAY: Ed Atkins
SATURDAY: Siôn Parkinson
SUNDAY: Heather Phillipson

Francesco Pedraglio's project is now online. You can visit the show at

Here you can read about the concept of the project.

ADAPTATION is an ongoing project curated by NERO that works between paper and internet format, reversing the usual roles of both media. The project consists in inviting a different artist or curator to conceive a show for each issue.  The press release for the show is published as an article in the magazine, and the actual show is presentd online on the magazine website.

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