Monday, 3 November 2008

'Filled Box' - new magazines corner in Zurich

Thursday the 6th of November 'Filled Box', a new space for magazines, will open in Zurich (Feldstrasse 121).

FormContent's publications (Rehearsing Realities and Mirrors and Mirrors) and the quarterly journal on writing The Mock and other superstitions will be displayed and sold there among lots of other interesting titles (Art Forum, Eight, Afterall, Foam (new issue + book), Eikon, Daddy (all issues restock), Kaugummi, Napa, Annatitude, Mousse, Afterall, Eye, Double, Esopus, Acne Paper, Prefix photo, Kilimanjaro 7, Decathlon Books, Seems books, Self Service (new issue), Fantastic man (new issue), Adbusters (new issue), Lodown 63, Dotdotdot (+back issues), Useless 8, and more).

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