Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The Mock and other superstitions at 'Do you believe in magic?'

The Mock and other superstitions at Do you believe in magic? a workshop held by Jacopo Miliani (artist in residence) at Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center.

Date: 20-21 December between 2-6 p.m.
Place: Platform Garanti CAC
Istiklal Str. No:115A

with the special contributions from:
Jen de Nike, The Mock and other superstitions, FruitandFlowerDeli, Trisha Donnelly, THISISAMAGAZINE, BROWN, Simone Menegoi, Francesca Pagliuca, Marco Tagliafierro and Miroslava Hajek, Matija Ferlin, Francesca di Nardo, Luigi Presicce, Sandrine Nicoletta, Christoph Keller

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