Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Mains D'Oeuvre - A Snowball Effect - Saturday 11th December

Francesco Pedraglio, Something I don't know and yet I still remember, Performance, Paris 2010

All books that belong to the library of Peter Fillingham and Charlotte Moth will occupy the exhibition space of Mains d’Oeurves for the period of 15th November - 11th December 2010. Fillingham and Moth have invited other artists, writers and curators to share the space with them, in different ways, for the duration of this time.

With Caroline Hancock, Peter Fillingham, Francesco Pedraglio, Falke Pisano, Charlotte Moth,
Film screening :Caroline Hancock
Reading : Francesco Pedraglio
We Love : Falke Pisano & Charlotte Moth

With works for an evening in the exhibition space : Laura Emsley, Judith Dean, Sean Dower, Peter Fillingham, Sadie Murdoch, Sam Basu, Raffaella della Olga, Aurelien Mole, Chloe Briggs, Seamus Farrell

Launch of the mingler cocktail

(so far people participating in various ways)

Anna Barham
Sam Basu
C├ęcile Bourne-Farrell
Chloe Briggs
Judith Dean
Vanessa Desclaux
Sean Dower
Laura Emsley
Seamus Farrell
Caroline Hancock
Meris Angioletti
Aurelien Mole
Sadie Murdoch
Raffaella della Olga
Francesco Pedraglio
Falke Pisano
Romana Schmalish

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