Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Cambridge Conflab

Asli Çavuşoğlu & Francesco Pedraglio, I have built my case..., Performance, London 2011

The Cambridge Conflab
An alternative conference with performances, performance lectures, discussions, screenings, a book launch, and the launch of Wysing’s new project that will be running throughout 2011: The Institute of Beyond.
Located in central Cambridge at The New Hall Art Collection, Murray Edwards College, and the Corpus Christi Playroom.

Mark Aerial Waller
Mark Aerial Waller’s Event for a Mille Feuille 2011 brings together patisseries, a text recital and artist John Latham’s group of worksNoit Intercourses, 1960-1988.

During 2010 Wysing Arts Centre hosted an International Camp for Improbable Thinking. Artist Jeremy Millar has produced a fictive text based on traces left by artists who were part of the Camp in a new book, launching at the Conflab. Includes a break for a complimentary sandwich meal.

7 – 8pm
Sally O’Reilly with Doug Fishbone, Hayley Newman, Michelle Owoo and Bedwyr Williams
This select crew of artists turned comedy writers will be devising scenarios and inventing characters for a new radio sitcom based in the artworld. The Last of the Red Wine is a collaboratively written, improvised and directed radio sitcom in the making. You are invited to join in as the group mime comedy gold from the artworld, with all it’s absurdities, tragi-comedies and jokers.

Asli Çavuşoğlu & Francesco Pedraglio
Three actors perform the scripted dialogue by Çavuşoğlu and Pedraglio I have built my case on the evidence that vaporised in front of your eyes which describes inanimate or invisible objects encountered as a result of fictitious crimes. Followed by footage from Çavuşoğlu’s film (10mins).

Bedwyr Williams
A solo performance Stepping Razor, 2010* influenced by farming subcultures and agricultures, about revenge and the rural!

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