Sunday, 8 July 2012

Arty Night - Centre D'Art Contemporain Geneve

Arty Night
Thursday July 12 at 730

An evening of screenings with Charlotte Moth, Annette Amberg and Francesco Pedraglio

Exchanges and collaborations are a key aspect of Charlotte Moth’s work. The five selected films, further illustrating this practice, share a formal language and a common interest for architecture.

- ANNETTE AMBERG, « Documentation », 2011 ; Courtesy de l'artiste
- MAN RAY, « Les mystères du château du dé », 1929 ; Distribution Cinédoc Paris Film Coop
- FRANCESCO PEDRAGLIO, « Theory of Budapest (or on the problem of not being there, or being there just about, or actually even just being... maybe... possibly) », 2012; avec Danae Bravi et Peter Fillingham, lu par Alex Ross ; Courtesy de l'artiste
- DEREK JARMAN, « The art of mirrors », 1973 ; Courtesy de James MacKay
- CHARLOTTE MOTH, « Study for a 16 mm film », 2011 ; Courtesy de l'artiste et Marcelle Alix, Paris

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