Monday, 2 July 2012


A man
in a room
spray-painting a fly
(or at least trying to)

A reading group by Francesco Pedraglio
in collaboration with Alex Ross
with special thanks to: Kate Cooper and Richard John Jones

Certain objects move towards abstraction. That's our thesis.
Actually, as long as we talk enough about them, all objects do. The process happens steadily, but the pace could vary. Even the trajectory might differ. And yet, the result is always the same: all the gathered attributes and conditions defining an object make up the object itself. They become an elliptical agglomeration of references that 'keep the thing together', so to speak, even when the thing itself isn't present anymore as such… I mean, it's not physically present. Even better: we reach a stage where the presence of the object isn't necessary anymore… we could talk just 'around the object', pointing at it through all the references, interpretations and examples we have been gathering.

Presenting the thesis through different SCENARIOS and opening it up to a collective discussion, this will be a reading group about and around the ideas of redefining events, voicing objects and observing their inescapable path towards abstraction.

We would like you to participate actively in the discussion. To do so – and considering the idiosyncratic nature of the reading group – please bring a prop of your choice, freely in response to

Fruit cannot drop
through this thick air…

always keeping in mind our proposed thesis that objects move towards abstraction and acknowledging the role narrative and storytelling play in this specific movement. It could be anything: from a physical object to a book, or a passage out of one, from a story to an image, a film or simply a word.

When: Saturday, 7 July, 7–9 pm
Where: Warner Yard, London EC1R 4TD [map]

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